What to do when you get a ‘Battery Low’ on your Theradome



URL: https://vimeo.com/258672823/561491ea27

What to do when you get a ‘Battery Low’ message?

Your LH80 PRO will tell you when it’s time to address potential issues with your battery. If you’re getting the message ‘Error Battery Low’, this video is for you.

Step 01. Visually inspect the charger, which includes the AC adapter and USB cord. Also, inspect the LH80 helmet port to make sure there’s no issues or physical damage to either the power cable, the AC adapter or the power port on your helmet.

Step 02. Is your helmet fully charged? Let’s review two scenarios and find out. If your helmet appears to be fully charged with the solid green light on the rear power switch but you’re still getting a ‘battery low’ message, you will need a new battery. Contact information is at the end of this video. If you’re attempting to charge the helmet but the master switch does not turn solid green within 4 hours, you’ll need a new charger and a new battery.

If either scenario in this video pertains to you, please contact us at 855 549 6757 or email us at [email protected] for further instructions.