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An Introduction To The Lifecycle Of Hair And Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

What Is the Lifecycle of Hair? Your head is made of thousands of strands of hair, and each strand is in a different stage when it comes to the 2 to 5-year lifespan. Hair typically grows and then finally dies over

Laser Hair Therapy Improves Outcomes For Hair Restoration Surgery

Thinking about embarking on hair restoration surgery with laser hair therapy? Great. Does your scalp have any shiny blotches, spots, or scars? Regardless of whether there’s only one, glossy, sparkling area or buffered appearance is gradually invading your entire head, it’s

The Most Convenient Hair Restoration Treatment

Are you struggling to stick with your hair loss treatment? You need a convenient hair restoration treatment that works with your busy schedule! You know how it works: you’re trying to integrate a new beauty habit in your life and it’s