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What is DHT, and How Can You Treat and Prevent It?

There are many causes of hair loss – genetics, age, medications or treatments, or hormone-altering events in the body like childbirth or stress are all very common reasons you could be experiencing new or prolonged hair loss. It can also be

Investing in your hair matters for your health and overall wellbeing

It’s an age-old saying – if you look good, you feel good. The body positivity movement has helped so many people feel comfortable in their own skin, but there hasn’t been much discussion on hair issues and how that can affect

Make Your Portraits Pop With Healthy Hair And The Theradome Pro

Theradome Pro Spring is often a time when families will get new portraits. Whether it’s the lingering light at the end of the day following the time change or the rare opportunity to have extended family around for holidays – this

Are Your Hair Follicles Healthy?

What is a hair follicle anyway? The word follicle is derived from the Latin word follis, which means bag. Hair follicles are tiny sacs lined by skin cells where hair grows and oil glands open. On a healthy scalp, 90% of