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Scalp inflammation and hair loss

Why Does Scalp Inflammation Cause Hair Loss? So you’ve finally made the excellent decision to start at home hair loss treatment sessions by investing in the Theradome. No more messy creams, no more visits to hair restoration clinics. Pressing the button

Can Sun Damage Cause Hair Loss?

There are many factors that go into the progression of hair loss – genetics, lifestyle, and environment are all aspects that can play a significant role, and aren’t necessarily factors you can control. Sun damage, however, is a major contributing factor

All You Need to Know About Hair Shedding and What You Can Do About It

All You Need to Know About Hair Shedding We’ve all been there. One morning, you can’t help but notice the huge clumps of hair in your brush. Or the giant clump left behind in the shower drain. Panic hits you. Could

Is Hair Loss Reversible: A Comprehensive Answer

Is Hair Loss Reversible? Losing your hair can be the source of a lot of unwanted stress and frustration since it is almost always difficult to come to terms with such a predicament. You are probably attached to your hair, after

What Is The Lifecycle Of Hair?

Lifecycle of Hair Your head is made of thousands of strands of hair and up to 100,000 hairs for a healthy scalp. Each strand is in a different stage when it comes to the 2 to 8-year lifespan. Hair typically grows

Why Are 20 Minutes Laser Phototherapy Sessions Required to Treat Hair Loss?

Does it appear strange to you that Laser Phototherapy (LPT) can be administered in so many different ways? How is it possible that one contraption claims to reverse hair loss with 30-second bursts of light while the Theradome is proven to

How to Stop Hair Shedding: 10 Causes Plus Natural Solutions

Every time I shower, rest my head on the pillow or comb my hair, I wonder why is my hair falling out. Is it normal? Yes, it is. And we call it hair shedding. What is Hair Shedding? How do you

Hair Loss Treatment With Dr. Khetarpal, Dermatologist At The Cleveland Clinic

With over 30 dermatologists treating about 150 patients a week, the Cleveland Clinic is one of the major centers for hair loss treatment in the country. A board-certified dermatologist on staff at Cleveland Clinic , Dr. Khetarpal has made a life’s

What Can You Do To Stop Hair Loss Stress Right Now?

You’re not alone if every day is a bad hair day right now. Things are not OK in the world, but stress can cause hair loss and hair loss can lead to more stress. When you’re stressing out, your white blood

Overcoming Hair Loss and Wildfires, An Inspiring Story

Inspiring Hair Loss Story of Emily Scher When Emily Scher noticed that her hair was thinning and falling out, she did what so many women do when faced with a problem – she took action and found a solution. And when