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Live from the CBS broadcast center in New York City, this is CBS 2 News at 11.

Male Anchor: New tonight. millions of Americans suffer from hair loss and they spend millions on treatments to restore their hair.

Female Anchor: But now, new technology is opening the door to a new non-surgical, non-invasive option that you can use in your own home. Tonight, CBS 2 has details on this hair helmet.

Sabra Hardy: I cried every night over it. I didn’t feel like a woman.

Sabra Hardy is talking about the devastation of losing her hair. She hid the problem with turbans and wigs, but nothing could hide her pain.

Sabra Hardy: You can deal with not having a lot of jewelry, clothes, perfume. You could deal with not even having a guy. But when you lose your hair, it is just too much.

Today, Hardy’s hair is back.

Sabra Hardy: This is my pride and joy.

It may look odd, but she says this is what did it, the Theradome, a helmet with lasers inside. This is what Hardy looked like before using Theradome, and then, six months later.

Grant Gunderson: This is about getting the energy down to the cells.

Grant Gunderson is with the Theradome company. He says, worn twice a week, the lasers stimulate hair growth.

Grant Gunderson: It increases the blood flow at the base of the follicle so that there’s more nutrients and the keratin and everything that the hair needs to actually produce healthy again.

After six months to a year, users actually see new hair growth. Grant Gunderson: People who stick with it see good results. Dr. Joyce Davis: It could conceivably work.

Dermatologist Dr. Joyce Davis says lasers do show promise but shouldn’t be used alone.

Dr. Joyce Davis: For some people, the laser may also be helpful, but I would recommend it in addition to medication not as a substitute.

Dr. Davis says that new medically-proven treatments are becoming available all the time, treatments that can be less cumbersome than using lasers.

Dr. Davis: The laser requires uhm active use of the product. For some people, this is a little bit more of an inconvenience. But Hardy says she didn’t mind at all. And though she may still have some thin spots, she insists that their dome changed her life.

Sabra Hardy: It’s like having myself back. It’s like opening the door and saying, “Hey! You’re back!” And it’s me. It feels fantastic.”

Well, you might think that mostly men would be interested in hair loss products, but actually postmenopausal women are the fastest-growing part of this market. The Theradome can be used by both men and women.


Theradome as seen on CBS New York from Theradome on Vimeo.