Megan Pormer Traction Alopecia

Video Transcript


Megan Pormer, international personality, actress, model, activist and philanthropist, also has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering.  She has graced a number of magazine covers and has thousands of Instagram followers. In addition, she is a spokesperson for female empowerment and equality.

In Megan’s line of work, self-image is very important. She faced a crisis in her self-image after she was nominated for an American Influencer Award, the culmination of a childhood dream. Her excitement quickly turned to dismay when she arrived home that night to discover that the heavy hair extensions in her high ponytail had taken layers of hair off her scalp with it. The result? A gruesome bald spot or what is called traction alopecia.

On the recommendation of a friend, Pormer opted to try the Theradome laser hair helmet for regrowth. Amazingly, her hair grew back in just three weeks.

Pormer was advised by colleagues that losing your natural hair was something that happened to everyone, and that it was expected in the industry. But she disagreed. “Why do I have to settle for that?” she recalls. “And…I didn’t.”

As a biomedical engineer, Pormer believes that the inventor of Theradome has combined all the newest technology about laser hair regrowth in one device. It combines cool laser technology (an accepted hair loss treatment for years) with concentrated light therapy directly to the hair follicles for fast hair regrowth. She found, in previous experiences with other hair loss treatments, that most of them only treated the surface of the scalp rather than directly treating the hair follicles, as Theradome does.

Pormer also takes iron supplements and eats plenty of leafy greens to keep her hair healthy. Because she has to wash her hair frequently, she always uses Theradome right before her shower and right after, almost like a hair dryer. This has saved her a significant amount of money that was being spent on other treatments, especially during the pandemic when all the clinics were shut down.

Pormer’s results with Theradome were swift and dramatic. Now she and her brother fight over using it. (We think he should get his own!)

Adianez Wedding Hair Loss from Theradome on Vimeo.