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Theradome Inc. is an award-winning Silicon Valley medical therapy company that delivers some of world’s most technologically advanced laser hair growth devices for hair loss. We care about the difficulty of hair loss & bring clinical strength hair growth therapies into the home. Our manufacturing and operations are 100% automated. This makes Theradome’s FDA cleared, premium technology affordable for greater patient reach and sales volumes.

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  • Enhance solutions offered to customers with the worlds most advanced at home laser device.
  • Increase practice revenue without interrupting cash flow.
  • Receive marketing support from Theradome including training, materials, social media posts, email templates, website content, videos, display units and more.
  • Customer testimonials and case studies, clinical papers and white papers.
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We believe that high quality, compassion, & integrity always come hand-in-hand. Our commitment is to the restoration of hair health & confidence of people all around the globe. Theradome Partners in 40 countries & growing.

Results don’t lie!

Theradome users see results in 4-8 weeks compared to other LPT devices at 4-8 months. Not just some see results either. 98% reportihair growth & reduced loss. As little as 20 minutes two times a week is all it takes. We have the strongest LPT device on the market with 680nm wavelength penetrating deeper and providing 2.5x the bio-stimulation of devices using a 650nm wavelength.

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