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Start Your Research
Here First

Need a little more time to do some research? No worries – Theradome encourages everyone to learn more about our hair loss products and how they compare to the competition. We are confident that you’ll confirm what we already know – Theradome is the most effective laser hair restoration device on the market! Scroll down to learn more.

Important Info About Laser Hair Restoration Devices

56 Times More Effective Than ANY Other Hair Restoration Device on the Market Today – Period!

There are many other hair restoration lasers, gizmos, and gadgets claiming to be the best, most powerful, and most popular.

But when you do your research, you will discover why the Theradome Laser Hair Restoration Helmet is the best investment for stopping hair shedding, restoring your hair, and regaining the self-confidence you deserve.

It may surprise you to know that many of the competitor laser hair restoration devices are made with cheap, inferior LED lights (like the ones in laser pointers – yes, that’s right!) They’re definitely NOT effective for hair growth as they cannot penetrate deep enough into the scalp (click here to learn more).

Furthermore, other laser hair device brands purchase their lasers from overseas, where they are mass-produced inexpensively, with poor quality control.

In contrast, Theradome manufactures its own proprietary lasers in Silicon Valley USA, where they can tightly monitor the quality, effectiveness, and distribution of each laser that goes into every helmet – ensuring the highest quality product coming directly from the manufacturing plant to your front door.

And Theradome stands behind every Laser Hair Restoration Helmet it makes, offering you a 6-month no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee. So you have ZERO Risk.

Theradome’s inventor used his laser expertise from NASA to solve his own hair thinning problem! His passion is to end the shame and helplessness of hair loss for men & women around the world!

Created by a Laser Expert: Theradome was created by a former NASA engineer, Tamim Hamid, whose work with lasers and heat shields on space orbiters is still recognized today as one of the most critical technological advancements in space travel safety. Isn’t that the guy you want creating YOUR laser device?

Made in the USA

Since Theradome manufacturers its own proprietary lasers in Silicon Valley, USA, they can tightly monitor the quality, effectiveness and distribution ofevery laser that goes into each helmet from the manufacturing plant to your front door. It may surprise you to know that many of the competitor laser hair restoration devices are actually made with cheap, inferior LED lights (like the ones in laser pointers – yes, that’s right!) They are definitely NOT effective for hair growth as they cannot penetrate deep enough into the scalp (click here to learn more). Further, the laser hair device brands that do use lasers actually purchase them from overseas where they are mass-produced inexpensively and with very poor quality control. Theradome stands behind every laser hair helmets it makes and offers a 6-month no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee.

Safe & Effective

Not only are Theradome laser hair helmets FDA cleared as safe and effective for consumer use, Theradome has gone the extra mile to create the most user-friendly, technologically superior device on the market.

Each Theradome helmet is jam-packed with all the extras that make it worthy of the many awards it has stacked up..


Extra Features | Extra Benefits

Cordless and Mobile
Hands-Free, Cordless Mobility
You can complete your laser treatment while doing light activities without being tethered to an outlet. Watch TV, catch up on email, read a book, brush your teeth, even go for a walk.
Theradome privacy
Easy and Simple to Operate
Patented One-Touch button with multiple functions makes it easy and fumble-proof to operate.
Cool airflow
Keeps Your Scalp Cool
Never heats up your scalp due to the ventilated design that lets air flow in to cool your scalp. Plus, Theradome’s lasers have a 24-karat gold heat sink that transfers heat flow away from your head. (Click here to learn more.)
Theradome voice reminders
Tracks Your Progress
Voice reminders in multiple languages “speak to you” to keep track of the number of treatments you’ve completed and the time remaining before charging is required.
Maximum Scalp Coverage
Covers Your Entire Scalp
Unlike laser hair combs, hair bands and brushes, Theradome’s helmet covers your entire scalp every treatment.
Safety and Comfort
Totally Safe With ZERO Side Effects
Never worry that you’ll have to compromise your health and safety in order to restore your hair growth.

“Easy, Safe & Effective – 4 out 5 Hair Experts Recommend Theradome”

Don’t take our word for it – even hair transplant surgeons recommend Theradome as an ongoing maintenance treatment for their patients, while other doctors recommend Theradome as a tool to stop patients from losing any more hair.

Theradome’s design was based on the findings of Endre Mester, a Hungarian physician, who discovered that lasers can grow hair in mice in 1965.

That information sat dormant until about 2009 when we discovered that lasers with the same wavelength of 680 nanometers was able to grow hair on humans.

Theradome CEO and inventor Tamim Hamid, a former NASA Kennedy Space Center biomedical engineer, created and founded Theradome after struggling with his own hair loss. Frustrated by the ineffectiveness, high cost, and inconvenience of available products on the market, Tamim applied his extensive scientific knowledge of medicine and engineering to develop a solution to hair loss that was safe, effective, affordable, and convenient to use.

Theradome Rating
“The front of my scalp has started to regrow hair covering up an area that was becoming very noticeable.”
– J.D., Denver, CO
Theradome Rating
“Best Investment I have ever made. Amazing product, THANK YOU THERADOME.”
– Glenn Hill, Los Angeles, CA
Theradome Rating
“I am so thankful for this product. It has made a huge difference in my part size. Thank you Theradome for giving me my hair back!”
– Teresa Brown, Woodside, NY
Theradome Rating
“More hair growth everywhere.
Love it!!”
– J.S., Franklin, TN


Not All Lasers Are Created Equal – To Be Effective In Stopping Hair Loss and Regrowing Hair, the Laser Used MUST Do the Following:

  • Generate a high energy output (5mv) and sustain it for the entire recommended, therapeutic 20-minute dosage.
  • Penetrate deep enough (5mm) to stimulate the stem cells in the hair follicle.
  • Keep the scalp cool during treatment and not overheating (which can damage the scalp and cause hair loss).

The Importance of High Energy Output at the Proper Wavelength

The Theradome Laser Hair Restoration Helmet is the only laser hair restoration device that has both high energy output (i.e. 5mv of power output per laser) and operates at the proper wavelength (680 nm).
Theradome’s inventor, Tamim Hamid rediscovered a long-forgotten research article authored by a Hungarian scientist in 1965. He found that lasers had the ability to stimulate hair regrowth in mice. This was the first known observation of the phenomenon we know as “photobiostimulation” and it showed the ideal wavelength was around 670nm-680nm.

This was the spark that led Tamim to create his proprietary VL680 laser to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

This 680nm wavelength allows the laser’s red light to penetrate deeper into the thick scalp – all the way to the part of the hair follicle (called the papilla and bulge) where that light can stimulate stem cells to regrow healthier, thicker hair.

Each Theradome helmet contains multiple VL680 lasers (40 in the Theradome EVO model and 80 in the Theradome PRO model). Other laser hair devices do not penetrate as deep and cannot achieve the results that Therdome can.
In one cell-proliferation study, it was shown that 680 nm wavelength light was over 2.5 times more effective at stimulating cell proliferation than light in the 650 nm wavelength ranger.

Most importantly, Theradome’s VL680 laser maintains that power output (within 1% mv) from the moment your treatment starts through the entire optimal 20-minute treatment.

Other devices range from 1mv-3mv of power output per laser, but quickly lose their power over time.

For example, in as little as 3 minutes, the power output of other laser devices drops significantly, while the heat rises significantly.

That’s a bad combination and results in disappointing outcomes for anyone who spends their time and money on these inferior devices.

Theradome Dimensions

Why a Full 20 Minute Dosage Matters

According to the respected Swedish Medical society, which has been actively testing dosage and optimal times for stimulating tissue since 1976, a full 20 minutes is necessary to get the ideal dosage. Anything less than that is simply not as effective.

Some competitor devices claim an effective dosage time of less than 20 minutes, but they compensate by increasing the number of treatments that is needed (for example, 6 minutes daily).

Be advised, that will NOT be effective – it MUST be 20 minutes per treatment.
Even worse, some laser devices keep their dosage recommendations lower because of the risk of overheating.

(An overheated laser can actually induce hair LOSS! It’s called Telegen Effluvium – more on that in a moment.)

Theradome’s laser hair helmets automatically shut off after 20 minutes and, depending on the model (EVO or PRO), you need only use your Theradome 2-4 times a week.

There again is where all other devices on the market can fall short.

The Critical Importance of Keeping the Scalp Cool During Treatment

Products boasting about having a high number of lasers ignore the drawbacks of having too many lasers.

For example, a 300-laser baseball cap might seem more effective.
But in reality, such high-number laser models actually offer WEAKER levels of intensity.

Because when you cram a lot of lasers inside a plastic housing in a baseball cap, there’s no room for ventilation. The heat generated can’t escape. And lasers don’t perform well with extreme heat, rendering baseball cap type devices unworkable.

Note that the top of the head is already at 98.6°F (37°C), and when you apply 80-300+ lasers, you are adding another 10° F to 20° F of heat to the scalp. Plus, the longer they’re on, the hotter they get – and the hotter they get, the less effective they become.

Does Theradome Generate Heat?

Even worse, uncontrolled overheating can cause the laser to fail and even damage the scalp. Known as “Telogen Effluvium,” this can cause a temporary form of hair loss that happens after stress or shock due to high heat.

That’s why the Theradome Laser Hair Restoration Helmet was designed to eliminate this tendency to overheat, keeping your scalp cool because of 2 design elements:

  • Ventilation: the helmet is designed to facilitate air flow through the helmet to keep your scalp cool.
  • 24-Carat Gold Heat Sink. What is a heat sink? A heat sink is a component that increases the heat flow away from a hot device.

If a laser hair device gets too hot, it may shut off before the full therapeutic dosage level has been achieved, which is 20 minutes.

So what’s a good number of lasers?

A product that can provide maximum dosage with little heat output is always the best rule for laser applications.

Theradome’s device can provide more power than other ineffective devices with a mere 40 lasers (in its EVO model) or 80 lasers (in its PRO model), compared to their 300 lasers. AND Theradome’s lasers emit less than 1° C in a 20-minute usage cycle.

Both Theradome models create the same resulting hair growth, but the PRO (80 lasers) requires 2, 20-minute treatments per week vs. the EVO (40 lasers) requires 4, 20-minute treatments per week.