witch's hair
By Tamim Hamid Posted on 10/27/2016

Get Rid Of Witch’s Hair

Frightened by thin, stringy witch's hair?

Halloween is right around the corner and we have the perfect look to celebrate the occasion. Your hair is the ideal accessory for the spooky witch’s costume that’s collecting dust in your closet. This was never part of the plan. Your hair has become brittle, fragile and is thinning excessively. What happened? Why does your hair look like it belongs on a witch’s head? And what can we do about it?

1) Haunting Hair Styles

If you’re like any other woman out there, you go to the salon just about every month and get your hair done. Whether that implies coloring, bleaching, straightening, gluing in hair extensions or getting a perm, we all love leaving with blow-dried, silky strands. Although our locks look great initially, there may be something more going on behind all that shine and volume. So it is true? Can all that work towards achieving beautiful, radiant locks actually backfire? Maybe. Here’s what could be going on...

Did you know that some hair procedures can actually damage your hair over time? There’s a lot of hype out there with new techniques such as relaxing (aka– permanent straightening) and thermal conditioning that could end up making you look more like the Wicked Witch of the West than your favorite childhood Disney princess. Getting poor service (or even attempting a procedure at home) can eventually result in hair follicle damage and hair breakage, leaving you with burnt, frizzled thinning hair – perfect for Halloween, and not in a good way.

Always be careful with hair extensions – extra weight on hair can lead to breakage and even permanent damage in some cases. So strengthen your hair follicles and prevent hair loss by integrating the Theradome laser helmet into your beauty regimen today.

2) House of Horrors

Your at-home hair styling habits can very well contribute to the disintegration of your locks. In some cases, hair shafts breaking and snapping off can result in frizzy, fragile strands and even hair thinning. The horror! Avoid treating your hair too roughly. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle wet hair and avoid vigorously towel drying your hair when you step out of the shower. Always be gentle. Use leave-in conditioner to detangle your wet tresses and work from the bottom to the top.

An excessive use of appliances to straighten and/or curl hair can, over time, also tarnish your locks. Even using your blow dryer every day could weaken your hair shafts. Another example is bleaching or coloring your hair with at-home kits – especially if the color you use is more than 3 shades away from your natural color. So take breaks when it comes to coloring and skip the harsh styling appliances here and there.

Here’s a simple trick to remember: women who have embraced laser hair therapy into their lives report their hair color actually stays in longer by wearing the Theradome laser hair growth helmet twice-a-week.

3) Deadly Weather

Other habits, such as too much sun exposure or repeatedly going swimming in chlorine pools without wearing a bathing cap, can also cause hair shafts to break and follicles to weaken over time. Extreme heat can bring on sweat, which causes scalp fungus to multiply and create inflammation – your locks’ sworn enemy.

Let’s not forget harsh weather and temperature conditions. Icy winds, snow and rain (or even an increase of humidity in warmer climates) make your hair brittle and prone to breakage. They can also greatly affect the condition of your scalp. Since healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, scalps suffering from an excess of indoor heating, moisture and humidity (from wearing hats or exterior conditions) won’t be able to grow into strong, healthy hair. Keep in mind that indoor heating can also cause dehydration, which in turn also affects the overall health and appearance of your locks.

Never forget that you have the power to strengthen your hair follicles and prevent damage! Studies report that women who undergo laser hair therapy have thicker, more manageable locks that is also a lot stronger!

Even if your hair styling habits have already damaged your hair follicles, you can reverse hair loss with laser hair therapy. That’s right: you can expect less shedding and more hair in just a few months, without any nasty side effects! So start scheduling Theradome treatments into your weekly beauty routine. You’ll soon be on your way to achieving thicker, more lustrous hair. And yes, you can also toss that old witch costume straight into the garbage can.

Reclaim your youthful hairline and boost your self-esteem with Theradome. Our clinically-proven technology is just a click away. Don't miss out on the chance to revive your hair; order your Theradome laser helmet now.


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