Theradome Laser Hair Growth Reviews

Theradome reviews submitted by real Theradome customers. Theradome laser hair therapy helmet is recommended by doctors.
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IT REALLY WORKS! Real people, real Theradome results



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Adam Goodall, USVI

"This is easier to use than the hand held version and my hair looks thicker. Wish I had this 5 years ago!"
– Adam Goodall, USVI


"The front of my scalp has started to regrow hair covering up an area that was becoming very noticeable."
– J.D., Denver, CO

Glenn HilL

"Best Investment I have ever made. Amazing product, THANK YOU THERADOME."
– Glenn Hill, Los Angeles, CA

Teresa Brown, Woodside, NY

"I am so thankful for this product. It has made a huge difference in my part size. Thank you Theradome for giving me my hair back!"
– Teresa Brown, Woodside, NY

J.S., Franklin, TN

"More hair growth everywhere. Love it!!"
– J.S., Franklin, TN