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By Tamim Hamid Posted on 07/06/2016

Get Sexy Hair! Top 5 Hair Growth Tips

Who says you can’t get your over 40 hair to be as sexy as it was when you were 20? Beautiful hair can be achieved with a little TLC, patience, and a few trade secrets. Check out these Top 5 hair growth tips to get your hair growing thicker and healthier.

1. Fact or fiction; over-washing hurts your hair?

Over washing your hair every day strips it of its natural oils. If your hair is finer or oilier than most, every other day washing is recommended. Remember, regardless of your hair type and especially if you color your hair, condition every time you shampoo. Coloring and heat styling can weaken the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft. Conditioner helps replace those lipids and proteins.

2. Change Your pillowcase and towel

Chemically induced hair products aren't the only culprits that harm your hair: cotton pillowcases can snag hairs from your scalp while you sleep (which is why those strands are there in the morning!). If you wrap your hair in a heavy towel to let it dry the same principle is at play. Switch to a silk pillowcase and a thin or microfiber hair towel and start seeing the difference right away.

3. Get that hair back

If you are guilty of not looking after your hair, recovering from an illness that affected your hair or have just started to see hereditary hair loss; it is possible to regrow this hair from your living room. Laser hair growth caps and helmets stimulate hair follicles to regrow and thicken hair. The Theradome LH80 PRO can be used in the privacy of your own home for just 20 minutes twice a week.

4. Consider boosting your diet

You don't have to buy the most expensive cleansing or hair products on the market to get good results. Eating a balanced diet can help grow beautiful long hair. Yummy foods like:

Nuts – almonds, walnuts, and pecans provide biotin and coenzyme.

Oysters – although they might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sexy hair, oysters contain protein, iron, omega fatty acids, zinc, and vitamin C, which your hair loves.

Eggs – not only are they yummy, but they're packed with protein, zinc, and iron.

Sweet Potatoes – Say OH YES to those sweet potato fries - sweet potatoes are eager to give you beta carotene and vitamin A.

Avocados – is there anything they can’t do? Avocados have been shown to prevent hair loss and breakage, strengthen your scalp, and provide a beautiful shine to hair. Not only are they delicious and prevent you from losing your hair, but they're high in vitamins B and E!

5. Brush your hair less

Excessive brushing can cause physical harm to your hair. When brushing through wet hair, work from the bottom to the top. Doing the opposite can cause small tangles to collect creating a large knot, this can lead to excessive hair loss. Adjusting the type of brush you use can also be beneficial. Boar bristle brushes are fantastic at spreading the love your scalp's natural oils have to offer while being extra-gentle on strands!

So what are you waiting for? Getting sexy hair back could happen sooner than you think with just an hour of extra TLC each week and the Hair Growth Tips!

Your dream of thicker, healthier hair is within reach. Theradome's laser helmet is the key to unlocking that dream. Take a leap towards a more confident you – order yours today!


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