Laser Hair Therapy
By Tamim Hamid Posted on 01/19/2016

The Perfect Energy Dose For Laser Hair Therapy

What is the Perfect Energy Does for Laser Hair Therapy

Laser hair therapy is just like any other type of medication (except that it’s a natural solution with no harmful side effects). When your doctor prescribes medication, they prescribe the precise dose that is most effective. The same concept applies to laser hair growth treatments. If you don't apply the right energy dose for laser hair therapy, you won't get results.

I want to make sure you heard that. If you don't treat your hair loss with the right medical dose of coherent laser light, it simply will not work. In fact, you might as well be praying to Athena, the warrior goddess with thick locks of ravishing hair.

So what is energy, exactly? And how do we calculate what dosage is optimal for laser hair therapy?

A Quick Lesson in Energy

People often mistakenly interchange energy and power when discussing laser hair growth treatments. However, they are two very different things. Let's walk through the connection between the two and what they mean for laser therapy.

Bundles of energy called photons, together, make up light. How fast or slowly they oscillate (measured as frequency or wavelength) determines how much energy they carry.

Energy itself is measured in joules. Power is measured in watts. And power = energy divided by time. So, one watt in power is one joule of energy delivered in a time-lapse of 1 second.

Ok, that's enough Science and physics for today.

It turns out the Swedish Medical Laser Society has already done the research in understanding the energy needed for laser hair therapy for us. This professional organization discovered that laser hair growth treatments need to deliver the optimal energy dose to the base of the hair follicle, 3 to 5 mm below the scalp.

The Perfect Energy Dose for Hair Therapy

Ok, so when it comes to laser hair therapy we are concerned with wavelength, power, and time. True lasers (as opposed to LEDs) deliver light at one specific wavelength. The Swedish Medical Laser Society also discovered that 680 nm wavelength is ideal for stimulating hair growth. This is why Theradome's lasers are specifically "grown" to deliver 680 nm wavelengths of light.

Next up is power. Since light needs to travel 3 to 5 mm below your scalp to reach your hair follicles, and light becomes more dispersed the farther it travels, you need a high dose of power. This is why LED devices do not work, they don't provide enough power to actually reach hair follicles.

Then, there's time. Laser combs have gained popularity in recent years because they are relatively cheap devices. However, they only expose your scalp to laser light for 4 to 30 seconds at a time. Simply put, this is not enough time to be effective. This is why Theradome treatment sessions are 20 minutes long. It's how we ensure you get the proper dose of energy for hair therapy.

A laser hair growth helmet like the Theradome LH80 PRO is the ultimate at-home hair loss treatment solution as laser hair therapy not only combines decades of clinical trials but the Theradome's convenient, hands-free and cordless features ensure treatments will never hinder your lifestyle. That being said, we have no clinical trials that involve imploring the beautiful, intelligent warrior goddess Athena but feel free to include thoughts of her while undergoing laser hair therapy with Theradome.

The wait is over! Discover the potential for hair regrowth with Theradome's laser helmet. Transform your life by transforming your hair. Don't delay – start your transformation now!


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