Theradome laser hair therapy helmet
By Tamim Hamid Posted on 01/24/2017

How To Take The Best Care Of Your Theradome Laser Hair Therapy Helmet

Theradome Laser Hair Therapy Helmet

Do you wish to reverse thinning hair, thicken your locks, prevent hair loss and grow hair faster? We all love to sport beautiful, lavish locks, which is why many of us have embraced laser hair therapy in our lives. And what better way to thicken your hair than with the comfortable and convenient Theradome PRO?

Just as your hair needs some TLC, so does your Theradome laser hair therapy helmet. Here are three easy tips to ensure your Theradome stays in prime condition and continues to beautify you and your hair for years to come!

1) Use the Theradome Carrying Case When Traveling

Don’t delay your hair growth results by leaving your Theradome behind when you travel. You can easily carry out your 20-minute laser hair regrowth sessions comfortably in your hotel or resort room, whether you’re on vacation or traveling for business.

Packing larger electronic equipment doesn’t have to be unsafe or complicated: there’s no need to risk damaging your Theradome during your travels. Don’t pack your helmet with your clothes and toiletries but use Theradome’s carrying case. The stylish Theradome carrying case is custom-fitted to protect your laser helmet whether you’re in a plane, a train, or traveling by car.

2) Clean Your Theradome Laser Hair Therapy Helmet With Therawipes

As its name implies, laser hair regrowth therapy relies on treating your hair follicles with laser light. Any type of residue that obstructs your Theradome’s powerful light will weaken its power and, therefore, your treatment results.

So how do you make sure your hair gets all the amazing benefits of laser phototherapy? Simply remove all hair product excess and scalp oils from your Theradome after you undergo a treatment session.

The easiest and most effective way to do this is by using Therawipes. Therawipes are moistened wipes specifically designed to clean the Theradome, plus they’re individually wrapped to make the process super convenient. Gently clean the inside and outside of your helmet with a Therawipe.

Make sure to unplug your Theradome from any outlet first. To learn more, visit us at or contact our Customer Support Team at

3) Protect Your Theradome With DomeCare

We understand that accidents can happen – after all, it’s what makes us human. Your hair shouldn’t suffer because your helmet tumbles into the sink or because your Theradome crashes onto the rock-hard floor. And you shouldn’t have to worry about either!

This is why many of Theradome’s customers choose to protect their helmets with DomeCare, a 3-year extended warranty. Here’s what you get with DomeCare:

  • Extra peace of mind with three years of premium protection.
  • Free repair or a brand new helmet if your Theradome gets damaged – regardless of the cause.
  • Free upgrades to maintain your helmet’s premium performance.
  • VIP priority troubleshooting and customer service.

Extend Your Theradome Experience Today

So keep your Theradome PRO functioning at its best and make the most of your laser hair regrowth treatments by following the above three tips. Don’t forget to visit Theradome to learn more about Theradome and all of its products.

At Theradome, we're dedicated to helping you achieve the hair you've always dreamed of. Say goodbye to thinning hair and hello to a more confident you.


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