make your portraits pop with healthy hair and the theradome pro
By Tamim Hamid Posted on 04/14/2017

Make Your Portraits Pop With Healthy Hair And The Theradome Pro

Theradome Pro

Spring is often a time when families will get new portraits. Whether it’s the lingering light at the end of the day following the time change or the rare opportunity to have extended family around for holidays – this time of year is always a good opportunity to get a new portrait.

For people with thin, lanky, or even balding hair, this can be a source of anxiety. They often try any of a hundred different remedies to make their hair look as healthy as possible for the big picture day.

Some will try to swap shampoo on the day before the big shoot. And though some hair products do work to strengthen and repair hair, it’s a temporary solution. And why would you only want healthy hair for one day?

Healthy Hair, Every Day of the Year

Those who want to try to maintain healthy hair over a long period of time will often make deep conditioning a habit. Sometimes they’ll even add in common, everyday hygiene practices – such as blasting their hair with cold water, drying their hair with a microfiber towel, or even something as simple as using a wide-tooth comb on wet hair.

These methods, though all mildly successful, don’t have near the lasting impact of using the Theradome PRO or EVO LH40, a red light therapy helmet. By using Theradome for 20 minutes, twice a week, anybody can notice a shiny, full-bodied head of hair. Women all over the world, in particular, have been praising the results of using Theradome to give their hair a healthier, more vibrant look.

We’re so confident in the results you’ll see after using Theradome LH80 Pro that we encourage you to take before and after pictures of your hair and compare. Get close-ups of your scalp so that you can see how Theradome helps regenerate cell growth at the scalp level, thereby increasing the number of hairs per tuft and increasing the weight and full-bodied look.

Does Theradome Laser Hair Therapy Work?

Not only will this make for great Springtime portraits, but it’ll help give you a vibrant, healthy look all year long. What’s more, using the Theradome on a regular rotation of 20 minutes, twice a week, will also help with hair regeneration. That means those who are suffering from a receding hairline, bald spots, or early onset alopecia can start to regrow hair by using the Theradome red light therapy helmet.

Theradome has been FDA cleared and has a proven track record for tens of thousands of patients all over the world. It’s an affordable hair treatment solution that anyone can use in the comfort of their own homes.

So if you’re getting ready for family portraits, make sure to get the Theradome PRO LH80 Laser Hair Growth Device first. Every time you walk past that picture hanging on your wall, you’ll be glad you did.

Why settle for less when you can have more hair? Theradome's laser helmet holds the secret to hair rejuvenation. Don't miss out – take action and embrace a future with abundant locks!


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Tamim Hamid

Tamim Hamid

Inventor and CEO of Theradome

Sayyid Tamim Hamid, Ph.D, is the inventor of the world’s first FDA-cleared, wearable phototherapy device to prevent hair loss and thicken and regrow hair. Tamim, a former biomedical engineer at NASA and the inventor of Theradome, brings with him more than 38 years of expertise in product development, laser technology, and biomedical science. Tamim used his laser knowledge, fine-tuned at NASA, and combined it with his driving passion for helping others pursue a lifelong mission in hair loss and restoration. He is now one of the world’s leading experts.