protect your hair during ski season
By Tamim Hamid Updated on 03/13/2024

Protect Your Hair During Ski Season

Winter has arrived! For many of us, that means the arrival of ski season. Whether this has become an annual tradition for you, or this is your first time hitting the slopes with friends, family or a partner, did you know that all of that skiing and related activities could damage your locks?

Discover how to protect your hair during ski season! (Hint: laser hair growth therapy help.)

1) The Problem: Icy Winds and Snow

If the thought of standing in the midst of an ice storm seems unappealing, think about how your hair feels. Hair strands are delicate to begin with, so imagine what happens during a whirlwind of ice and snow! Skiing down the slopes is no doubt exhilarating. Just watch out for snowfall and gusts of artic winds – and make sure to protect your locks from brittleness and dryness during your well-deserved vacation.

It doesn’t end there: a surplus of sweating while wearing your warm, cute furry ski hat causes skin inflammation and flaking. No one wants to walk around with dandruff, but the problem goes beyond what you probably consider as unattractive: scalp inflammation and hair loss are closely tied together.

That's why it's essential to protect your hair during ski season! Learn more on seasonal hair shedding and how you can stop it.

The Solution

Packing a nourishing overnight conditioner to hydrate your locks is a definite must. And make sure to pack your Theradome LH80 PRO as well to strengthen hair follicles, reduce shaft breakage, and minimize any inflammation that’s sprinkling “dandruff-snowflakes” all over your hair.

Here’s another tip: ladies can boost their Theradome results by shampooing with anti-dandruff and/or anti-fungal solutions. So ditch the hotel shampoo, which contains harmful ingredients, and add a good anti-dandruff formula to your packing list. Look for ingredients such as salicyclic acid, zinc pyrithione and natural anti-fungal solutions that contain coconut oil and tea tree oil.

2) The Problem: The Delightful Chlorinated Hot Tub

One of the joys of going skiing involves relaxing in the hot tub or stretching out your sore muscles in the ski resort’s heated pool. That sounds like heaven but beware of chlorine!

While chlorine does not cause hair loss directly, it’s still a problem to acknowledge. As a harsh chemical, chlorine is not something you want to expose your hair to every day. Over time, chlorine can cause:

  • Dry, coarse, brittle and porous strands
  • Scalp irritation and flaking
  • Hair discoloration if you dye your hair

The Solution

Going skiing for a week may not do noticeable damage but chlorine is still something to keep in mind, especially if you live near the mountains and/or go swimming regularly at your fitness club.

Not many women know this, but you can reduce chlorine absorption simply by wetting your hair with fresh water prior to stepping into the hot tub with a flute of champagne or going for a swim. Why? Think of your hair like a sponge: it’ll be a lot more difficult for your wet hair to absorb any chlorinated water.

Make sure to thoroughly rinse and shampoo your hair after all hot tub sessions and pool laps as well to protect your hair during ski season. Then towel dry your hair, relax and plan out tomorrow’s ski slope itinerary while undergoing a 20-minute Theradome session. This will strengthen your hair follicles and lock your hair color in. (Did you know? Women who use the Theradome report that their hair color stays in longer). And before hitting the pillows, apply the protein-enriched deep conditioner that you wisely brought along.

3) The Problem: All of That Extra Shedding

Don’t forget that it’s normal to shed more in winter. Autumn and winter are both seasons in which living things in nature tend to slow down and rest. While we’re not suggesting your hair enters into full hibernation mode, your hair growth cycle is prone to slow down.

The Solution

Start undergoing laser hair growth therapy with the Theradome laser hair therapy helmet. You’ll minimize your seasonal shedding and even lengthen the growing phase of your natural hair growth cycle.

Finalizing Your (Hair’s) Packing List

So as you get ready to wear your ski bunny jacket and snow pants, make sure to pack an anti-dandruff shampoo and nourishing conditioner into your shower bag. Don’t forget that the Theradome has its own, stylish carrying case and is designed to be used when you travel. You’ll be more than thankful to have taken these precautions as you head back home, tired, happy and still sporting your gorgeous locks.

Theradome's laser helmet is more than a product; it's a promise of renewed confidence. Act now to honor that promise and rediscover the joy of a fuller head of hair. Your future self will thank you!


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Tamim Hamid

Tamim Hamid

Inventor and CEO of Theradome

Sayyid Tamim Hamid, Ph.D, is the inventor of the world’s first FDA-cleared, wearable phototherapy device to prevent hair loss and thicken and regrow hair. Tamim, a former biomedical engineer at NASA and the inventor of Theradome, brings with him more than 38 years of expertise in product development, laser technology, and biomedical science. Tamim used his laser knowledge, fine-tuned at NASA, and combined it with his driving passion for helping others pursue a lifelong mission in hair loss and restoration. He is now one of the world’s leading experts.