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Congratulations! You qualify to use Theradome’s award-winning laser phototherapy device. Based on your responses to our trichologist-approved quiz, you are a good candidate to use the Theradome laser hair phototherapy medical device for your specific condition. Using your Theradome regularly will help you gain back your hair and your confidence.

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EVO DomeCare Extended Warranty

EVO DomeCare Extended Warranty

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100% Happiness Guarantee

Protect your investment and gain peace of mind, take advantage of this great extended warranty coverage, here’s what you’ll receive when you purchase EVO DomeCare:

  • 100% coverage, no-questions-asked, for accidental damages and manufacturing defects
  • 5 Years of unlimited coverage, automatically upgraded
  • Fast, Free Repairs, typically within 1 - 2 business days ($150 value)
  • Free Expedited Shipping, both ways ($65 value)
  • Free Battery replacement ($50 value)
  • Free Foam Pad replacement for a comfortable helmet fit ($15 value)
  • If we can’t repair your unit, we will replace it for FREE!
  • DomeCare is offered directly by the manufacturer, Theradome
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