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Congratulations! You qualify to use Theradome’s award-winning laser phototherapy device. Based on your responses to our trichologist-approved quiz, you are a good candidate to use the Theradome laser hair phototherapy medical device for your specific condition. Using your Theradome regularly will help you gain back your hair and your confidence.

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PRO DomeCare Extended Warranty

PRO DomeCare Extended Warranty

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Payments as low as $58/mo. with 0% APR for 12 mos.

Protect your investment and gain peace of mind:

  • 5-Year unlimited coverage offered by the manufacturer, Theradome
  • No-Questions-Asked Protection covers 100% of any manufacturer’s defects plus any accidental damage (even if you drop it!)
  • FREE battery replacement ($50 value)
  • Any issues with damage or manufacturer defects, we’ll replace it for FREE!

    20 MINUTES
    - 2X PER WEEK



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    Proven. Convenient. Effective.

    Powerful Lasers

    40 powerful VL680™ lasers – no laser hair restoration device has a more power! Theradome’s 680nm wavelength lasers are 250% more absorptive than other laser devices at 655nm.

    Effective, Safe and FDA-Cleared

    Concerned over questionable ingredients with other hair loss treatments? Theradome is FDA-Cleared as safe and effective with ZERO side effects.

    Affordable With Easy Financing Available

    Compared to other pricey, less-effective alternatives, Theradome is your wisest investment for stopping hair loss and regaining your confidence. Theradome even offers easy financing options through Affirm.

    Clinically Proven – It Works

    Thousands of happy customers have experienced great results - it's no wonder Theradome is recommended by leading dermatologists and hair restoration specialists worldwide.

    Hands-Free Design

    There’s no need to be tethered by a cord to a nearby outlet or power pack. Feel free to use your Theradome as you go about your day to day activities at home.

    Cool and Comfortable

    Overheating can cause hair to shed, but Theradome keeps your scalp cool throughout the entire treatment with ventilation and 24-karat gold heat sink elements.

    No-Risk, 6 Month, Money-Back Guarantee

    We are so sure you will love Theradome – from the design to the build to the results – that we are offering a 6-month money-back guarantee! Order today and experience the results for yourself. If you are unhappy for any reason, send it back for a refund. If you decide to return Theradome, please note you will be subject to a 25% service fee plus the cost of return shipping.

    Stop Hair Loss While You can!

    The sooner you start using Theradome, the sooner you can put an end to hair loss and begin your hair regrowth journey.

    Imagine seeing significantly less hair in your brush or shower drain within just the first several treatments.

    Imagine seeing hair loss slowing down to a halt after just four weeks!

    These are the results 98% of Theradome customers experience - and you can too!

    Remember, hair loss and hair growth both happen over time. But stay consistent and committed to using your Theradome regularly and we guarantee you'll be delighted with your thicker, healthier mane of hair.


    No Mess, No Chemicals, No Pain

    Forget the messy treatments, toxic chemicals and expensive, painful surgeries - you can now regrow the head of hair you've always dreamed of with Theradome.

    Our proprietary VL680™ lasers (manufactured here in the USA) emit red light at 680nm wavelength, which is 250% more absorptive than low-quality lasers with wavelengths of 635 or 655nm?? That means that our lasers can penetrate deep into the scalp tissue to reach and activate the stem cells within the hair follicle – putting a stop to hair loss and promoting new growth.


    Don’t Be Fooled By Inferior “Laser” Devices

    Don't be fooled by laser hair devices that cram 100s of lasers into a helmet or cap and claim to be the best. These devices are often stuffed with excessive, low-quality lasers or ineffective LEDs.

    Such inferior lasers emit low amounts of energy and as the lasers heat up, their energy output reduces significantly. Even worse, if the lasers are not kept cool, the overheating can actually result in more hair loss!

    When it comes to effective lasers for hair regrowth, it's all about consistent energy output. Theradome's VL680™ lasers each emit consistent, high-energy output while only increasing 1°C during each treatment.


    Convenient Hair Loss Treatment

    Our cordless, hands-free design lets you integrate Theradome seamlessly into your daily routine.

    Theradome's simple One-Touch Button interface allows you to activate your helmet hassle-free. It’s voice-guided interface clearly reminds you how much treatment time remains, the number of treatments completed, battery life, and more.


    FDA-Cleared as Safe and Effective

    Theradome uses its own proprietary medical-grade lasers made in Silicon Valley, USA – you won’t find any mass produced, inexpensive lasers from overseas. We adhere to high quality standards and continuous safety monitoring. Theradome has undergone rigorous internal quality control measures and has earned the label, “FDA-cleared as a safe and effective medical device” for home treatment. You can feel confident that your Theradome will be effective and safe with zero side effects.

    What Theradome Customers Are Saying!

    SABRA H.
    "Theradome Did More In 6 Months Than Injections Over 2 Years!"
    After having tried everything, from creams that didn’t work, foams that didn’t work, pills that didn’t work to painful injections in which my scalp bled, I come to the end of my rope literally and I was hanging on by a thread. When I think about it, it was so great. It was like “I can’t believe this.” How fortunate I am. I knew my hair was gonna come back. THERADOME in 6 months did more than the injections had been doing for close to 2 years. The hair started growing back and it was a miracle. So many people need to know about this and it has been a Godsend to me. It really has. If you need help with your hair, you do have a solution with Theradome.
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    “Theradome Changed My Life!”
    After my pregnancy, I noticed my hair started falling out. Theradome has changed my hair drastically, I've noticed that I've got more hair, it feels thicker, and I've noticed that I've got a lot more new hair growth, which is exactly what I wanted…and I've noticed that I've got a lot of new hair growth popping up here and there, and that was just really super exciting. I love it. I know then that it's working... My friends and family have noticed that I do have more hair and my hair looks thicker and healthier, and it looks great.
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    ADAM D.
    “Reversed Hair Loss And Thicker Hair!”
    Well, I was not a big fan of losing my hair, every man in my family on both sides of the family went bald at a very young age in their 20s…I was definitely starting to get a little more depressed about it. With Theradome, it just looks better, it's thicker, it's fuller, and I don't have to do as much worrying about it. It was very easy to use, you charge it up, you put it on your head, and then you go about your life for the next 20 minutes. I've worn it doing the dishes, doing the laundry, surfing the internet, watching TV at night, in bed, brushing my teeth, it fits in pretty much anywhere.
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    “I’ve Been Using For Over Four Years. Amazing Results.”
    I basically put a hat on and ignored the process that was happening, but I found myself not wanting to dress up and go out; I found ways to work around it. I was in denial. The thing about Theradome, it's the technology that I truly believe in and I am living proof of it. You have to give it a chance. It's silly for you not to... I recommend it, it's painless, it's harmless, it's so easy to use, and you'll probably wanna use it all the time after you see the results after a couple of months. I highly recommend it!
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