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By Tamim Hamid Updated on 01/09/2024

Beautiful Bridal Hair With Theradome Laser Hair Treatments

If you already have the dress but haven’t yet figured out what to do with your hair, read on! How do you get the most beautiful bridal hair and what types of hair growth treatments should you start?

1) If the wedding is in a year:

It’s never too early to start prepping, and in this case, twelve months is ideal for getting beautiful bridal hair. Laser hair therapy can give your hair the rejuvenating boost it needs by reducing shedding and invigorating your locks with lots of volume. Wearing the Theradome hair helmet twice a week will give you plenty of thick new hair for the wedding hair stylist to work with.

A year is a long time so there’s a lot more you can do to ensure your locks are luxurious on the big day. Be as healthy as you can be by eating well and add exercise to your weekly routine: you can tone up your lovely figure and keep your stress level down at the same time.

Foods linked to great hair include nuts, which are rich in selenium, eggs, which have plenty of biotin, and healthy fats, such as avocados. Don’t forget to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables – they’re high in anti-oxidants and will protect your hair from damage!

2) If the wedding is in a few months:

It’s never too late to start getting LPT treatment with the Theradome hair growth helmet and you can still experience wonderful results in just a few months! Laser hair therapy studies show a hair count increase after only 16 weeks!

Certainly don’t let the stress of wedding planning get to you, even if it’s only a few months away. Make time for yourself and do things you enjoy – go wine tasting with some friends, go to a local bookshop or schedule a massage at your favorite spa.

If your hair lacks a bit of shine and luster, try using a deep conditioner once a week. Some hair creams are designed to be worn overnight, so let your locks soak in some nourishing moisture and wake up the next day with gorgeous hair!

3) If the wedding is in a week:

Most of us have tried crash dieting before an important event and it usually backfired on us. Crash diets are extremely unhealthy, can lead to acute hair shedding and a cycle of starving and eating can even cause extra bloating – something you definitely don’t want when slipping into your bridal gown. Try to eat healthy until the wedding: avoid foods high in sodium or try a detox cleanse under the guidance of a professional nutritionist. Don’t forget to splurge on champagne and cake at the wedding!

Give your locks some glow and shine with a salon hair gloss treatment. If you want more volume, try temporary clip-in hair extensions. Just consult your hairdresser to make sure they match your hair and look perfectly natural. You shouldn’t use hair extensions every day, since they can cause your strands to break, but laser hair therapy is proven to strengthen hair follicles. So consider starting laser phototherapy treatments right away to help with your scalp and damaged hair.

Your path to luscious, fuller hair begins with Theradome's laser helmet. Act decisively and grab the opportunity for hair rejuvenation. Don't wait – seize the chance for a better tomorrow!

Don’t forget to check out these 5 hair growth tips and visit Theradome to learn more about the technologically advanced Theradome LH80 PRO and what it can do for you!


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Tamim Hamid

Tamim Hamid

Inventor and CEO of Theradome

Sayyid Tamim Hamid, Ph.D, is the inventor of the world’s first FDA-cleared, wearable phototherapy device to prevent hair loss and thicken and regrow hair. Tamim, a former biomedical engineer at NASA and the inventor of Theradome, brings with him more than 38 years of expertise in product development, laser technology, and biomedical science. Tamim used his laser knowledge, fine-tuned at NASA, and combined it with his driving passion for helping others pursue a lifelong mission in hair loss and restoration. He is now one of the world’s leading experts.