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By Tamim Hamid Posted on 01/20/2017

Top Five Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

Is your hair thinning out? Are you wondering how much hair you should be shedding daily? Should you look into hair growth treatments? It really comes down to what is causing your hair loss. Let’s take a look at five common causes of hair loss in women, how to deal with thinning hair, and when to incorporate the Theradome laser helmet into your weekly beauty regimen.

1) You’re not eating properly.

No surprise here: poor nutrition habits lead to poor health, which leads to poor hair quality – and gut-wrenching hair loss. Is your diet balanced? Are you stopping by a drive-through every day? Are you getting all the nutrients you need?

What to do about female hair loss: If you need help with maintaining a healthy diet or don’t know how to prepare balanced meals, consult with a nutritionist. Make sure to include zinc, selenium, biotin, iron, protein and fatty acids in your diet in order to avoid patchy hair loss. You can also take supplements to treat hair loss if they’re okayed by your physician. Speed up the process of restoring your hair with the Theradome laser hair growth helmet while learning about all the healthy foods you can eat that will make you (and your hair!) feel gorgeous.

2) You’re entering menopause.

You braced yourself for the mood swings and hot flashes but you weren’t expecting hair loss. Hair loss in women or female pattern baldness, isn’t caused by menopause by itself but by hormonal changes. In this case, menopause will leave you with decreased levels of estrogen and progesterone – and with unfortunately more hair in the shower drain every week.

Hair Loss in shower? Find out how to manage it.

What to do: Going through menopause is a natural part of life. It’ll be up to you and your gynecologist to weigh the pros and cons of undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

To get your healthy hair back, start undergoing hair loss treatment with the Theradome laser helmet. As a 100% natural solution, it has no interaction with medication – including taking replacement hormones. Keep in mind that hair loss and menopause can often catch you by surprise so be preventive! The Theradome strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair loss in women by enhancing your hair growth cycle. Translation: keep your beautiful locks when going through menopause: it’s as simple as wearing the Theradome twice a week!

3) You’re taking medication.

Certain meds, including hormone replacement therapy drugs, have been known to cause excess shedding or hair follicle damage. Other examples include drugs for treating cancer, high cholesterol, diabetes, depression, arthritis, high blood pressure and certain types of birth control pills.

What to do: It’s important to listen to your physician. But remember that some conditions, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure, can be controlled with lifestyle changes. Ask your doctor for some guidance or for a referral to a professional that can help you lead a healthier life.

Undergoing Theradome hair growth treatments can help you with hair growth, prevent hair loss, thicken hair, and reverse hair miniaturization caused by medication. Just make sure to clear the use of a laser cap/helmet with your physician first.

4) You’ve going through a stressful life event.

Going through an emotional and stressful life event such as a divorce can have the same negative impact on your body as a serious illness. Suffering from intense psychological distress can disrupt your hair growth cycle, thin out your locks and even cause you to lose hair in clumps.

The same goes for every day stress. The expression “pulling out your hair” has some truth­. Stress affects your health negatively – and when your health isn’t at its best, the strength of your hair shaft quickly deteriorates.

The scientific term for hair loss due to stress is called alopecia areata. If you start to notice that more hair falls out than usual, a receding hairline, or sudden hair loss, then it may be time to do something about it.

What to do: We understand. It’s terrible going through something as traumatic as a divorce. It can also be really hard to break the cycle of always being under stress. The good news? Hair loss in this case is usually temporary. Your body should resume normal hair growth once the worst is over.

As far as being under constant pressure, take measures to eliminate stress or manage it more effectively. Exercise, for one, has countless benefits, including reducing stress levels and releasing “feel-good” hormones – endorphins. While you get a grip on how to start living a stress-free life, control hair loss and get your luxurious locks back by adding the Theradome laser helmet to your weekly beauty routine.

5) You’re losing hair because of genes.

You might already know this, but yes – if your mother has thinning hair, chances are that you will too (or are already seeing the results). Hair loss in women can be hereditary.

Female pattern hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, and other hair and scalp disorders can all be genetic.

What to do: Once again laser hair therapy is the way to go and is the best thing women can do for hair growth. Did you know that the Theradome is rapidly expanding in the beauty industry? You can’t go wrong with the best of the best. Your hair is part of who you are and deserves to be taken care of properly, so visit to purchase the iconic and internationally recognized Theradome PRO or EVO laser hair growth helmets. Both can treat male and female pattern baldness.

Thousands of satisfied customers have already experienced the incredible results of Theradome. Are you ready to join the hair regrowth revolution?


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Tamim Hamid

Tamim Hamid

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Sayyid Tamim Hamid, Ph.D, is the inventor of the world’s first FDA-cleared, wearable phototherapy device to prevent hair loss and thicken and regrow hair. Tamim, a former biomedical engineer at NASA and the inventor of Theradome, brings with him more than 38 years of expertise in product development, laser technology, and biomedical science. Tamim used his laser knowledge, fine-tuned at NASA, and combined it with his driving passion for helping others pursue a lifelong mission in hair loss and restoration. He is now one of the world’s leading experts.