new year's resolutions for hair growth
By Tamim Hamid

3 New Year's Resolutions For Hair Growth

Should you set new year's resolutions for hair growth? Here are 3 hints that you should! Are you getting bored with your hair? Do you find yourself doing a double...

protect your hair during ski season
By Tamim Hamid

Protect Your Hair During Ski Season

Winter has arrived! For many of us, that means the arrival of ski season. Whether this has become an annual tradition for you, or this is your first time hitting...

exercise can improve your hair
By Tamim Hamid

How Exercise Can Improve Your Hair

When we think of ‘Tis the season to be doing something, we don’t usually think of exercising. Aren’t Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve a glorious time for celebrations, gift...

beautiful hair for the holidays
By Tamim Hamid

Beautiful Hair For The Holidays

Thanksgiving is coming up. For most of us, that means cheerfully sitting down at the table to eat turkey with a large group of family members. It’s time to be...