does diabetes cause hair loss?
By Tamim Hamid

Does Diabetes Cause Hair Loss?

You all have heard about diabetes, right? It is a disease affecting millions of people worldwide. Diabetes is a chronic health condition that occurs when the body is unable to...

witch's hair
By Tamim Hamid

Get Rid Of Witch’s Hair

Frightened by thin, stringy witch's hair? Halloween is right around the corner and we have the perfect look to celebrate the occasion. Your hair is the ideal accessory for the...

what is a hair follicle anyway
By Tamim Hamid

Are Your Hair Follicles Healthy?

What is a hair follicle anyway? The word follicle is derived from the Latin word follis, which means bag. Hair follicles are tiny sacs lined by skin cells where hair...

hair loss before and after photos
By Tamim Hamid

How To Take Hair Loss Before And After Photos

Beginning your hair restoration journey with Theradome is easy. Twenty minutes, twice a week sessions is all you need to reverse your hair loss. It's completely straight forward, you simply...

Hair Growth Tips ~ Theradome
By Tamim Hamid

Get Sexy Hair! Top 5 Hair Growth Tips

Who says you can’t get your over 40 hair to be as sexy as it was when you were 20? Beautiful hair can be achieved with a little TLC, patience,...

how to reduce DHT
By Tamim Hamid

Does Laser Hair Therapy Reduce DHT?

How to Reduce DHT If you’re losing hair, you’re probably wondering why. Doing research is frustrating and might be confusing with lots of medical terms thrown around you. You might...

Good candidate for the theradome laser hair helmet
By Tamim Hamid

Are You A Good Candidate For The Theradome Lase...

1. Your hair loss is in earlier stages. The earlier you start Theradome laser hair helmet, the better. Advanced stages of alopecia will take more time to treat, so good...

is theradome only for women
By Tamim Hamid

Is Theradome Laser Hair Growth Only For Women?

"Is Theradome only for women?" This is a question we hear all the time, so we want to put this myth to rest once and for all! Theradome is, in...