Post-partum Hair Loss: What You Need to Know About Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Post-partum Hair Loss: What You Need to Know About Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Many women experience getting thicker, fuller, and healthier hair during pregnancy. But after giving birth, many moms struggle with hair loss after their pregnancy. While this is completely normal and temporary, it can be frustrating for women, especially when it becomes noticeable to other people. Hair loss  can affect anyone’s self-confidence.

What is post-partum hair loss?

During and after pregnancy, your body goes through several different stages of hormone changes, which can cause various side effects. During pregnancy, your estrogen levels disrupt your hair growth cycle causing it to reach the end of its growth cycle slower than usual. As a result, fuller hair is seen because of the lessening amounts of hair each day.

post partum hair loss

After giving birth, your estrogen returns to its pre-pregnancy levels. This triggers the cycle of resting, growing, and falling out again, and most of your hair will begin the resting phase immediately. Once the hairs have completed their resting phase several months later, they start to fall out.

Why is post-partum hair loss different from other types of hair loss?

Post-partum hair loss is different from other types of hair loss people go through because of the amount of hair you can lose in a short amount of time. A person who isn’t experiencing any type of hair loss loses about 100 strands of hair every day. For women experiencing post-partum hair loss, this can reach up to 300 hairs a day, quickly becoming noticeable.

Hair Loss After Child Birth

Is post-partum hair loss permanent?

The good news is that post-partum hair loss is not a permanent condition. Over time, your hair will return to its normal levels, and, with a little help from treatments like laser regrowth therapy, it can get back to its healthiest state.

If you experience significant hair loss after your baby is about one-year-old, you should speak with a doctor about what might be going on that is prolonging your hair loss.

What can I do to prevent post-partum hair loss?

Unfortunately, post-partum hair loss is not preventable. Because it is a natural occurrence due to hormonal changes after pregnancy, there is no way to stop it from happening.

That being said, there are ways to get your hair to be fuller once the process of post-partum hair loss has ended for you.

Getting your hair back to health with Laser Re-Growth Treatment

In addition to eating well and taking care of your hair, you can help your hair become fuller and healthier after postpartum hair loss with laser regrowth therapy. The Theradome laser helmet is an easy-to-use at-home method and is much cheaper than surgical methods like implants.

What is Theradome?

Theradome is an award-winning at-home laser therapy cap that is FDA-cleared and recommended by 4 out of 5 hair loss professionals such as Bosley, Hair Club, and other prominent medical clinics worldwide.

It’s an ideal hair regrowth solution for busy moms, as all it takes is just two treatments a week for 20 minutes.

The Theradome cap is the modern solution and perfect fusion of science, medicine, and technology that effectively addresses the common problem of hair loss. Theradome is a cordless hair helmet that uses laser technology to stimulate hair growth.

Unlike LED devices, the Theradome laser light targets the stem cells at the base of hair follicles, allowing the formation of a new photonic pathway that can restore hair to a healthy state. Penetrating a hair loss treatment area at the appropriate depth with subsequent energy absorption is crucial for the success of Laser Phototherapy (LPT) hair growth treatment.

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