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Theradome Extended Warranty - DomeCare Protection Plan

Theradome Extended Warranty

DomeCare Theradome extended warranty and protection plan provides full coverage and support on any accidental damage or misuse and any mechanical or operational faults for an additional 4 years on top of your 1-year warranty. DomeCare extended warranty includes:

  • New battery (usually $50) and charger (usually $30) if needed.
  • Free repair or a brand-new helmet for any Theradome that gets damaged – regardless of the cause.
  • Free upgrades to maintain your helmet’s premium performance.
  • VIP priority troubleshooting and customer service.

You can only purchase DomeCare once for your helmet. The DomeCare can be purchased within the first year from the original purchase date of your helmet. Once that expires, we can still offer you other options such as purchasing a new charger or battery. DomeCare is only offered to US customers.

Buy DomeCare Theradome Extended Warranty for PRO or EVO here.

Updated on 26 Dec 2023