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Does Theradome Laser Phototherapy Help With Oily Hair?

Theradome Laser Phototherapy - Oily Hair

The Theradome laser phototherapy device assists in normalizing your scalp and sebum production. Sebum is a yellowish, oily substance that the sebaceous glands secrete found on nearly every surface of the body. Theradome focuses on stimulating your hair follicles. Your hair follicles contain five specific structures:

  1. The hair follicle
  2. Blood supply
  3. Sweat glands
  4. Oil production
  5. Muscle erector pili control

Laser light benefits all of these structures. Having an oily scalp and oily hair can often mean that there is something wrong. Adding red laser light will attempt to repair the issue. Many of our customers report that their oily hair and scalp went back to normal after using Theradome laser phototherapy. Also, scalps that were dry have been returned to normal.

Positive results addressing oily hair and dry scalps have been provided by customers in post-clinical trial interviews and surveys. We do not make any medical claims regarding oily or dry scalps. We see positive effects on oily hair and scalps but these have not been submitted for FDA clearance.

Updated on 15 Dec 2023