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Understanding low level laser therapy and laser phototherapy

There are three very important aspects of LPT or LLLT to consider – wavelength, dosage, and delivery.

Wavelength: The higher the wavelength (red light) the deeper the penetration. This means that at around 680nm (what Theradome uses) vs 650nm (what other companies use), we can get much deeper and more effectively stimulate hair follicles.

Dosage: Our dosage schedule requires just two 20-minute sessions per week because our lasers deliver extremely targeted wavelengths that produce no heat. Other devices on the market tend to run warm to hot, which requires them to reduce laser output so you're not receiving the full benefits of treatments.

Delivery: Our proprietary VL680 lasers made in the US provide targeted wavelengths delivered with low divergences beams for maximum scalp penetration, unlike other products with high divergent beams that do not travel deep enough to penetrate the scalp.

Updated on 13 Jul 2023