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How Does Theradome Work?

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  1. How Does Theradome Work?

Our hair follicles naturally go through three stages of regeneration; a growing phase, a resting phase, and an inactive stage. Theradome’s medical-grade lasers stimulate resting phase follicles back into the growing phase, helping them to avoid the inactive phase. 

How Does Theradome Work?

Theradome is uniquely designed to restore health to the two most important parts of the hair follicle, the bulge and the papilla. The bulge contains stem cells that supply the hair follicle with new cells. The papilla is the part of hair follicles that contain blood vessels supplying nutrients to nourish growing hair. Once your bulge and papilla are restored to health, hair growth can begin.

Theradome’s 680-nanometer wavelength delivers the strongest dose available for the deepest penetration of hair follicles. 6500 hair restoration clinics globally recommend our device because of its clinical strength, dosage delivery, and ease of use including hands-free treatment and an audio treatment counter.

Updated on 26 Dec 2023