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How to charge the Theradome and leaving the charger on

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Please do the following:

Connect the USB cable end to the AC adapter. Attach the micro-USB cable end to the connector located under the master switch Plug the adapter into an outlet.

While your helmet is connected to the charger, the master switch will slowly change colors indicating that the helmet is charging. When the color becomes solid green for at least 10 seconds, your Theradome is fully charged and ready for use.

There are two ways of charging the battery:

  1. Fully charge the device and then use it without charging until it runs out of charge (usually about 4 to 9 treatments per charge for Theradome PRO and 6 to 12 treatments per charge for the Theradome EVO).
  2. Put the helmet back on the charger after every treatment.

Personal preference is the best way to choose your recharge routine. The most important thing is ensuring you maintain a treatment regimen with very limited difference in the life of your battery.

Updated on 16 Jan 2024