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Buy a new battery, charger, carry case, Thera Wipes, DomeCare 5 year extended warranty

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Click on the link to go to our Theradome.com store, where you can purchase what you need: portal.theradome.com/shop

DomeCare PRO: $295

DomeCare EVO: $195

Battery and charger package: $65.00 (must be purchased through Customer Care, not available at Theradome.com store)

Replacement battery: $50.00 (you will need to provide the serial number for your Theradome to purchase)

Charger: $30.00

Thera Wipes: $15.00

Foam pads, foam inserts: $15

IFU: $0 (we do not charge)

We do not charge shipping for batteries, chargers, and foam pads/inserts. (US customers only) we use UPS ground.

Tax is automatically calculated at the time of order.

Updated on 16 Jan 2024