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Theradome Shampoo and Hair Regimens

Since hair loss is often associated with scalp inflammation and fungus, we recommend shampooing with medicated and anti-fungal shampoos to clean the hair, reduce inflammation of the scalp, and kill any fungus loads.

Theradome Shampoo and Hair Regimens

Theradome works better when inflammation and fungus are controlled as these conditions interfere with the hair growth process and will take longer than usual.

Here is an example of a medicated shampoo.

It is recommended by many trichologists who are experts in hair that you should shampoo your hair every two or three days. Shampooing every day tends to irritate the scalp, especially with the wrong shampoo. Shampooing once a week causes too much build-up of fungus and inflammation, therefore every two or three days is optimal.

Inflammation or fungus can only be properly diagnosed by a physician / Dermatologist and acute or chronic cases of inflammation or fungus should be managed with medicated shampoos or topicals.

Updated on 02 Feb 2024