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Can I Use Theradome with Letrozole and IBrance or While on Oral Chemotherapy Drugs?

Theradome is FDA cleared for Androgenetic Alopecia. However, we have reports from physicians and cancer patients who have used the Theradome for Chemotherapy Induced Cancer Alopecia (CIA). Often CIA is due to various classes of medicine, including taxanes, docetaxel, anthracyclines, palbociclib (IBrance), letrozole, and more.

Effects of Cancer Induced Alopecia and Other Oral Chemotherapy Drugs

These medications are designed to target all rapidly dividing cells, such as hair. The side effect is hair loss. Some women do not recover from Cancer Induced Alopecia hair loss due to the dosage or intensity of the chemotherapy treatments.

Theradome has been reported to grow hair back faster and healthier than many other methods. The Theradome has zero side effects. We are not cleared by the FDA to market this device for Cancer Induced Alopecia. We encourage you to consult with your oncologist or physician on your options. Theradome is a new modality. We would be happy to provide your physician any clinical data and support should they ask any questions.


Updated on 12 Jul 2023