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Hair Loss and Thyroid Problems

Hair Loss and Thyroid Issues Meet Theradome

The thyroid gland helps regulate hormone levels in our body. If the gland has medical issues, hair loss may result. Please note that we are scientists, as opposed to physicians. Remember that you should NOT treat our response as medical advice. You should consult your physician for any type of medical advice. Hypothyroidism causes a person’s metabolic rate to slow down, which can result in hair loss. It’s important to visit a physician to properly evaluate your options when it comes to treating your condition.

One of Theradome’s blog entries covers thyroid problems and hair loss in depth. Please keep in mind that laser hair therapy is a 100% natural solution for hair loss. It does not have any side effects. Because of this, some clients with thyroid problems choose to undergo treatment with Theradome, provided their physician does not have any objections.

Updated on 21 Dec 2023