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What to do with a Cracked Theradome Helmet

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  1. Cracked Theradome Helmet

Cracked Theradome Helmet

If the crack intersects where the laser passes through the plastic laser, it may cause the beam to split or diffuse and, therefore, not deliver the proper amount of energy.

A crack, especially like the one you experienced, will open what is designed to be a closed system. We do not want heat or moisture to pass between the laser housing area and the scalp.

Due to the nature of the material, a crack can result in sharp edges or splinters. Therefore, we suggest that you no longer use the cracked Theradome helmet. Unfortunately, we do not repair helmets with cracked inner shell. However, we can offer you the option to purchase a new helmet at a discounted price. Please get in touch with customer care at support@theradome.com.

Updated on 26 Dec 2023