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Information on Tamim Hamid - Theradome Inventor and Creator

Tamim Hamid - Theradome Inventor

Theradome was based on the finding of Endre Mester. Mester was a Hungarian physician who accidentally discovered that lasers can grow hair in mice in 1965. That information sat dormant until about 2009 when we discovered that the same wavelength of 680 nanometers was able to grow hair on humans. The 680nm wavelength is important for the deep penetration of hair follicles.

Theradome CEO and inventor Tamim Hamid, a former NASA Kennedy Space Center biomedical engineer, created and founded Theradome. Tamim struggled with hair loss. He became frustrated with the ineffectiveness, high cost, and inconvenience of available products on the market. He became determined to develop a solution to hair loss that was safe, effective, affordable, and convenient to use.

Tamim Hamid applied his extensive scientific knowledge of medicine and engineering to develop a solution. Theradome is a unique device with proprietary lasers that reduces hair loss and grows hair.

After assembling a team of practicing hair loss specialists, technology experts, and skilled engineers, the team developed a next-generation hair restoration device. After extensive design and testing, Theradome was perfected. It is now the first over-the-counter (OTC) FDA cleared, clinical grade, wearable hair loss device.

Theradome was officially launched in August 2013. Start-up funds were raised through a crowd funding initiative on Indiegogo.com. Fundraising goals were accomplished within 24 hours of launch. This was a strong indication of the consumer demand for the product.

The demand and satisfaction with Theradome are extremely high on both consumer and professional ends of the market.

Updated on 18 Aug 2023