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What is the Difference Between the Theradome PRO LH80 and the EVO LH40

Both of Theradome’s helmets, the PRO LH80 and the EVO LH40, are made with medical grade lasers. They emit 680 nanometer wavelengths. These target stem cells in the base of the hair follicles for maximum stimulation and growth. The decision of which helmet to purchase will come down to a personal preference between cost and desired use time.

Theradome PRO and EVO Difference

The PRO LH80 has 80 lasers while the EVO LH40 has 40. This means you will get the same results by using the PRO LH80 2X per week as you will with the EVO LH40 4X per week. The treatment time for both helmets is twenty minutes per session. We have many users that wear their helmets every day with absolutely no side effects. You can achieve results twice as quickly using the PRO LH80 every day as you can using the EVO LH40 for the same number of treatments.

If you choose to wear your helmet more than once per day, we recommend you wait 12 hours in between treatments.

Both the PRO LH80 and EVO LH40 have full scalp coverage. Lasers reach the top, back, sides, crown, and temples. The PRO LH80, with a higher number of lasers, will initially reach more hair follicles in each treatment. The laser energy scatters and absorbs similar to water hitting a sponge. While each helmet covers the full scalp, it just takes more treatments with the EVO LH40 to achieve the same amount of follicle stimulation as with the PRO LH80. Here's some more information on their similarities and differences.

Updated on 26 Dec 2023