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How to use Theradome | Instruction Manual

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The Theradome is very simple to use.

Use the PRO LH80 2x a week (every 3 days) for 20 minutes and the EVO LH40 4x a week (ever other day) for 20 minutes.

Step 1: Charge your helmet for 3 hours.

When charging the Theradome, the Master Switch light will change as follows:

  • Fade Red-Orange – Battery low; charging.
  • Fade Orange-Yellow – Battery charging.
  • Fade Yellow Green – Charging near completion.
  • Green – Helmet fully charged.

Step 2: Press the master switch, positioned at the back of the head, quickly (not more than 1 second) to initiate treatment. If you do hold it down for too long, you will hear 'System paused". To get out of system paused, Click here

Step 3: Place the helmet on your head and the treatment will begin automatically.

Step 4: The helmet has a built-in speaker that will provide a voice command updating you on the status of your treatment.

Step 5: After 20 minutes, the Theradome will automatically turn off when the treatment is completed.

You can enjoy light activities during your treatment such as browsing the web, watching TV, or reading a book.

Here is an online version of our instruction manual: How to use  

Updated on 16 Jan 2024