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What are the Reasons Why Hair Degenerates?

Table of Contents

  1. Hair Degeneration

Hair can begin to degenerate for a myriad of reasons. Genetics, age, stress, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, and other ailments that can burden the human body. The body is designed to survive. So it will instinctively remove nutrients and attention from the hair whenever necessary to provide sustenance to the most important bodily systems (heart, lungs, immune system, etc.).

Hair Degeneration

The Theradome helmet can help your hair maintain itself despite these hair degeneration issues by stimulating the scalp. The mitochondria of the hair follicle cells activate with laser light, which results in increased blood flow to the scalp by up to 54%.

Additionally, the stimulation of the mitochondria forces cells to readily utilize nutrients provided by the increased blood flow. Both of these responses - added blood flow and cell stimulation - create a perfect recipe for hair growth.

Updated on 26 Dec 2023