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What to Do When Your PRO or EVO Won't Turn on or Charge

Please use this link to help troubleshoot when your helmet won't turn on or charge. 

PRO or EVO won't Turn on

If your Theradome PRO or EVO won't turn on or not charging,it may need a new battery and/or charger. But first, we need to determine what issues the Theradome is having.   

  • Step one: Visually inspectthe Charger (AC Adapter + USB Cord) and Theradome port to make sure there are noissues.      
  • Step two: Plugthe USB cordinto yourTheradome, plug the adapter into a plug outlet, and watch the color cycle on the master switch.
  • If the color turns Solid Green, this means it’s fully charged and the charger is working, so you will only need a new battery.  
  • If there is no change in the button colorafter 30 seconds or it never reaches Solid Green after 4 hours of charging, you will need a new battery and a new charger.  

 If either scenario in this video pertains to you, please contact us by emailing atsupport@theradome.comfor further instructions.   

Updated on 16 Jan 2024