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Theradome's Laser Quality and Quantity of Lasers

Hair Loss Laser Difference

The quality of lasers is more important than the number of lasers. Theradome’s medical grade lasers deliver 5x more dosage than caps containing 200-300 lasers. Our proprietary VL680 lasers are made in the US at the superior wavelength of 680 nanometers.

This means that we can get much deeper and stimulate the hair follicle 2.5x more than at 650nm. This delivers faster and much better results for keeping and growing your hair back.

Theradome lasers penetrate up to 5mm into the scalp with cool lasers. They continuously deliver the optimum dosage throughout each 20-minute treatment session. Laser caps pulse on and off because of the heat they generate and pulsing interrupts treatment reducing scalp penetration to 0.5mm.

Updated on 21 Dec 2023