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Does Theradome restore hair after a hair transplant?

A hair restoration procedure involves transplanting healthy terminal hairs from the back of the scalp to the front in order to replace dormant follicles. The surrounding tissue is often affected by the trauma of the procedure, resulting in shock loss. By using the Theradome before a procedure, you can strengthen the hair follicles and minimize shock loss.

Additionally, using the Theradome post-operatively encourages the newly transplanted hairs to grow in quicker and minimize inflammation due to the surgery.

As the bandages come off, but one has to carefully put the helmet on and off the head for the first few days.

These are the benefits of using the helmet:

  1. Reduce inflammation from procedure, reducing inflammation usually prohibits the graft healing process.
  2. Protects existing hairs near and around the grafts and donor sites.
  3. Protects transplanted hairs by stimulating and accelerating graft retaining and acceptance.

You can read more about using Theradome after hair restoration at Theradome and Hair Transplants.

Updated on 22 Dec 2023