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Using Theradome with colored or highlighted hair

You can use Theradome with colored hair. We recommend that you wait for at least 8-hours before using your Theadome after you color your hair, but only when your hair is dry. Also, hair stylists recommend that you do not wash your hair 48 hours after your hair is colored.

The reason why we recommend the helmet be used 8 hours after is because the hair will still be wet from the hair coloring treatment. Putting on the helmet beforehand can cause the hair color to stick to the inside of the helmet. This can cover up or obstruct the lasers that can become blocked by the hair coloring.

Also, our lasers accelerate the cuticles to close after a hair coloring treatment which results in much better results. This leads to less frizziness and longer-lasting color as cuticles close with photons instead of chemicals.

Updated on 13 Jul 2023