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What are the benefits of low level laser therapy (LLLT)?

With the correct power, wavelength, concentration and depth of penetration, Laser Phototherapy uses photochemical stimulation in a manner analogous to photosynthesis in plants, or in the case of humans, how we use sunlight helps us manufacture Vitamin D. LPT penetrates the skin and excites cells, initiate a reaction that triggers healing. LPT has demonstrated the ability in decrease hair loss by:

  1. increasing blood flow to the scalp;
  2. decreasing inflammation of the scalp
  3. stimulating cell metabolism.

All of these factors contribute to restoring the body's natural healing process by rebalancing the biochemical processes that nurture hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. Results will vary with different people depending on the severity of their hair loss, their personal physiological responsiveness to the treatment, their genetic makeup, and their underlying medical conditions, should they have any. LPT has been proven, through multiple clinical trials, to achieve the following:

  • Reduce or prevent hair loss
  • Return vellus hair to a natural, healthy terminal hair state
  • Increase the thickness of hair
  • Promote new hair growth

All of these factors can contribute to a fuller, thicker and more vibrant head of hair.

Updated on 14 Jul 2023