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Using Theradome for hair growth during cancer treatment, chemotherapy or with cancer

If you are undergoing treatment for cancer, we recommend you consult your physician for any medical advice. Theradome has not been tested on people with scalp cancer.

We do recommend using it before and after your treatment. If you use the Theradome before your treatment, you're preparing your hair follicles, converting them into the growing phase (Anagen). It prepares your hair for after your treatment, so you'll end up having healthier hair.

Many recovering cancer patients use Theradome. Theradome hair restoration helmets improve the quality of hair and promote hair growth.

We have had great feedback from many patients who have achieved results re-activating dormant hair follicles which have been affected by chemo treatments. Since there is nothing out there that has been developed specifically for chemotherapy-induced hiccups (CIH), we are excited about this potential new application. We recommend consulting your physician regarding usage of our device with your condition.

All laser phototherapy devices have two contraindications, scalp cancer patients and pregnant women. It is a well-documented scientific fact that near infrared lasers do not cause cancer. Theradome near infrared lasers are safe although have not been tested on people with scalp cancer.

Updated on 08 Dec 2023