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Can I use the Theradome if I have dark skin?

Laser phototherapy works on all skin types but it can be even more effective for African American Hair Growth. Here's why:

Low-level laser therapy works by delivering a highly concentrated dose of energy to your hair follicles’ mitochondria. Mitochondria are your cell’s power plants. When your hair follicles die, it’s because they don’t have enough energy. By stimulating them with the precise right wavelength of light, you can re-invigorate them and restore hair growth.

Now, would you go outside wearing black clothes on a sunny, sweltering 100º F day? No, you wouldn’t because dark colors absorb more light, and thus more energy. When it comes to your comfort that’s a bad thing because more light = more energy = more heat.

When it comes to hair growth, however, this works in your favor! More light = more energy = more bio-stimulation at the mitochondrial level = more hair growth. And no need to worry about overheating if you choose a high-quality LLLT device.

While the Theradome is FDA cleared for Fitzpatrick Skin Types 1 – 4 (due to a limited number of subjects, data for skin types 5 and 6 is currently unavailable), we have many African American customers who have experienced great hair growth results with the Theradome. You may find our blog article useful as it explains the benefits more in depth: https://theradome.com/dark-skin-laser-hair-growth/.

Updated on 13 Jul 2023