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Theradome's Success Rate With Hair Regrowth

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  1. Theradome Success Rate

Theradome Success Rate

Our Theradome helmets have a 98% success rate. The 2% that did not experience any benefits consisted of patients with advanced hair loss. Patients with advanced hair loss do not experience any hair loss or shedding. For males, their scalps may be “slick bald," meaning most of the hairs on their scalp are no longer active and growing. Females do not experience “slick bald” like men but may experience advanced hair loss in the middle of their hairline, which after 15 years is very difficult to recover.

We also have not tested on patients suffering from an underlying medical condition like thyroid disease or if they are under medications that cause hair loss. We recommend you consult with your physician prior to starting treatment with our device if you have a medical condition or are under medications that cause hair loss.

Theradome's technology is very effective in three areas:

  1. Slowing down or stopping hair loss,
  2. thickening existing hairs
  3. regrowing or promoting new hair growth.

Theradome is recommended in over 6,500 clinics globally.

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Updated on 21 Dec 2023