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Dealing with Heating Errors and Temperature Errors

Heating Errors and Temperature Errors

Theradome is designed to generate minimal heat from the output of the lasers. Total heat after 20 minutes is less than or equal to a 1-degree Celsius increase in temperature inside the helmet. Theradome is not recommended for use when the ambient room temperature is higher than 90°F (32°C).

The crown of the head is at 98.6°F (37°C) and is the hottest part of our bodies. The Theradome helmet has multiple sensors to prevent use in higher temperatures that relate to the external environment and body heat, not the lasers themselves and this can cause a warning message, "temperature error".

It is recommended that you use the helmet in temperatures 72°F (22°C) or lower. Please note that the temperature warning is only a cautionary notification for the optimal operation of the Theradome helmet. There is nothing wrong with the lasers or the device and it is safe to continue to use. Once you turn Theradome on and off and bring it into a cooler environment, it will resume normal operation.

Updated on 26 Dec 2023