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Understanding How to Replace the Battery for Your Theradome

How to Replace Theradome Battery

  • Step one: Please be sure your Theradome is disconnected from the charger.
  • Step two: On the rear of the Theradome, you'll find two screws that fasten the battery door. Remove them with a Phillips screwdriver, and set them aside in a safe place.
  • Step three: Carefully remove the battery door from your Theradome. You'll see that the battery is attached to the Theradome via three wires and a plastic connector. Let's remove that. Disconnect the wires by pinching them at the base of the connector and gently pulling them apart. Now you can slide the battery out and set it aside.
  • Step four: Let's install the new battery. Start by attaching the new battery via the connector. Make sure the two connector ridges are facing outwards. Slide the (white) connector from the battery into the one on your Theradome. Next, gently slide the battery into the Theradome. When you do this, don't be alarmed! The Theradome will say "System error" and the master switch light will flash red. This is normal.
  • Step five: To exit this error state, you will need to and hold it for one second. When successful, your Theradome will say “Ready for treatment, place on head”.
  • Step six: Now, reinstall the battery door. Do not turn on the Theradome until the battery door is shut and the two Phillips screws are reinstalled. Great job, the Battery replacement is complete.
  • Step seven: don't forget to Recycle the old battery.

If you are still having issues, please contact us by emailing us at support@theradome.com for further instructions.

Updated on 16 Jan 2024