Theradome Six Month Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

We believe you will love your Theradome and we are confident that everyone benefits from the Theradome. Taking pictures is essential in being able to see results, it is almost impossible to keep track of your progress without taking before / after pictures. The fact is that the human eye and brain cannot store subtle changes so taking pictures is really a great way to see the results of the Theradome.

Purchasing from our official website ( or via 1 (855) 549-6757, we will honor a 6-month money back guarantee. This is effective from the date of purchase of your helmet. If you decide to return the Theradome earlier than 6 months, you will be subject to a 25% service fee plus responsible for returning the product back to Theradome. To qualify for our money back guarantee, here are the steps necessary to qualify:

1. Takes a series of before images (no flash please) with same angles and should be legible
2. Take additional pictures at either ~60/120/180 days
3. Complete at least 100 treatments (4x/week) on your EVO LH40 and 52 treatments (2x/week) on your PRO LH80
4. Reach out between day 150 and 180 to our support team ( if not seeing results and agree to a free 15 min consultation with a certified trichologist provided by Theradome.

You must follow all 4 steps above and in order to qualify for a refund.  This refund period is 180 days from the date of purchase which you may return your Theradome but less the shipping cost, 25% service fee and interest charges—if a financing option (Affirm) was used for payment.

Costco and Amazon refund will be based on their policies and the 6 MBG will not apply.

Please note that all accessory sales are final including batteries and chargers and are not covered by our 6-month money back guarantee.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a 6-month money back guarantee if you are purchasing internationally. The money back guarantee applies to U.S. addresses only. We added this benefit to help as many customers as possible, but we are unable to accept international returns due to the varied customs and duty management processes required to manage returns from outside of the U.S.

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